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Did Anyone See My Sunglasses?


[suhn-glas-iz, -glah-siz]
plural noun
1.Eyeglasses with colored or tinted lenses that protect the eyes from the glare of sunlight.
Pretty simple, right? When you think about it, it goes far beyond simplicity and way over the top as a fashion statement, safety staple, disguise. Amazing how something so simple can be so important and so trendy. It is also something we forget about, leave behind on the counter, sit on them and crush them or lend to someone that forgets to return them. But the cost of most sunglasses is so low that we can usually just go buy another pair. Well, some people can, unless you have prescription lenses in your frames!
When were the first sunglasses invented and worn, you might ask? They were first used more often in the early 20th Century and called Sun Cheaters. They improve visual comfort and clarity by protecting the eye from glare. They are recommended by Optometrists to protect your eyes from Ultraviolet rays.
When you're buying sunglasses, keep these factors in mind...
  • Sizing - Since you can't try on a pair of sunglasses unless you're in the store, measuring your face and then sizing that up with the measurements on the website is crucial. You should measure 3 important locations on the glasses, and then measure yourself in those same 3 places.
  1. Bridge width - typically ranges from 1.2 inch to 1 inch.
  2. Lens width - typically ranges from 1 1/2 inch to 21/2 inch.
  3. Temple length: typically ranges from 4 1/2 inches to almost 6 inches.





If you already wear glasses, the measurements are on the inside of your frame. It is located on the inside of the temple arm. So when you're shopping for glasses in the store, you really don't need the measurements because you can try the glasses on. But if you have your own personal measurements, you can easily find a pair of glasses online that work for you. Having the measurements make ordering online much easier and you know they will fit your face.


  • Fit - So great big lenses make you look like a celebrity. Aviators make you look like a pilot. The glamour is there, for sure, but are they the proper fit according to the shape of your face? If you have a square face, you should wear a softer, rounder frame. Follow the link and there is a tool you can use to decide what shape you will get. Face Shape Tool
  • Frame Material - Not only do you want the right color, size and shape of frames but you also want to make sure that whatever the arms are made of that they are going to last if you throw them in the bottom of your purse or bag, sit on them when you go for lunch today or lose them only to find out you have partially run over them! There are many products they use to manufacturer sunglasses now a days. They have bamboo, wood, plastic, vinyl, metal and many more to pick from and it is definitely personal preference.


  • Lenses - There are many types of lenses to add individuality, beauty and most a importantly protection for your eyes.You can pick from an amazing array of colors. But more important than the color is what the lenses are made of. They have Polycarbonate lenses that are lightweight and tough, more resistant to shattering and good for active lifestyles. Acrylic lenses are usually less expensive, so they’re a good choice for sunglasses that you don't wear everyday. Glass lenses give you the highest level of clarity, and they resist scratching better than most materials. They are heavier and can shatter if dropped just the right way.
  • Protection - No matter if you wear wild red lenses or just have simple gradient lenses, it is important to protect your eyes from UV rays. There are also polarized lenses that helps with glare, which is important when driving. The gradient lenses are darker at the top and lighten towards the bottom of the lens. They also have scratch resistant lenses which will give more life to your glasses.



Now buying a pair of sunglasses isn't a science project or maybe as important as finding a surgeon, but it is pretty important stuff. You want safety, style and comfortable fit. Dorothy's Rubies is devoted to keeping a huge supply of sunglasses all year long for summer sun and winter glare and everything in between. Look around and enjoy!


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